Jewish and Kosher Food

Sharon’s forte, Jewish and Kosher food, will wow you with traditional flavors!  Gourmet to Go offers an array of kosher goodies from simple help-yourself platters to more formal holiday dinners.  Do you have out of town company in need of kosher meals?  Gourmet to Go can deliver to your home or even to your guest’s hotel room.

Call or click here to ask for pricing and Holiday Specials featuring all of our yummy Jewish and Kosher food. Gluten-free and other special dietary needs are always available. Just ask!

If you’re ready to place your order, you can click here.

Whole Salmon
Poached Salmon with Tzatziki Sauce
Grilled Salmon
Pickled Herring in Wine or Cream Sauce
Bagels & Assorted Breads
Lox Platter
Plain Cream Cheese, Lox, Cream Cheese, Veggie or Sweet Schmear
Lukshen Kugel
Blintz or Blintz Souffle
Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Platter
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad

Grilled Veggies
Roasted Veggies
Deviled Eggs
Hard Boiled Eggs
Summer Salad with Dressing on the Side
Tossed Salad with Dressing on the Side
Fruit Platter
Veggie Platter
Decorated Bar Mitzvah Cake
Lemon Bars
Cookies & Brownies
Flan with Coconut Milk – Parve

Remember, all substitutions are always possible. Just ask!

If you’re ready to place your order, you can click here.   Or contact us by clicking here.

All prices vary with the season, please call for current pricing, or email us with your questions.

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