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We are a locally-owned catering company creating and serving delicious meals to the Albuquerque film industry for over 20 years. We have a reputation for efficiency and excellence. Our staff follows all COVID-19 compliance regulations, and food is individually packaged to meet COVID-19 compliance regulations. In working with the film industry, we waive our delivery charges for film productions within the Albuquerque area. Gourmet To Go values our relationship with New Mexico’s film industry, we will work together in creating a budget-friendly menu.  We are the only kosher catering company in New Mexico.  We create meals for individuals who require special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarians as well.  We’re looking forward to serving you!  

Please note: We’re still working on this page! If you have questions about menus or ordering, please contact us at [email protected]



Menu 1:
Bagels and cream cheese, yogurt and granola, fruit platter, hard boiled eggs

Menu 2:
Assorted breakfast breads, yogurt and granola, fruit platter, 
hard boiled eggs

Menu 3:
Assorted half breakfast burritos – Sausage, Bacon, or Vegetarian (Turkey available) with potatoes, eggs & cheese, red & green chile on the side, fruit platter or whole fruit, breakfast breads, hard boiled eggs

Menu 4:
Scrambled eggs, meat – bacon & sausage, breakfast breads, yogurt with granola

Menu 5:
French toast casserole, cinnamon rolls or pancakes, fruit platter, hard boiled eggs, yogurt with granola

Menu 6:
Corned beef & hash breakfast bowls, fruit cup

Menu 7:
Frittatas – assorted: scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, sausage or vegetarian, breakfast potatoes, fruit cup

MENU SAMPLES – Don’t see what you want? Let us know!

Menu 1:
Chicken shawarma, with lentils and rice, hummus and baba ghanoush, Tilapia with jalapeno cilantro sauce, lemon rice and broccoli, Vegetarians – Hummus, tabbouleh and baba ganoush, lentils and rice.  Salad – chopped Greek Salad.  Dessert – Baklava.

Menu 2:
Marinated chicken, roasted corn and Spanish rice, marinated skirt steak with black beans and roasted corn, veggie tamales with pinto beans and calabacitas 
Salad – chopped Mexican salad, (jicama, radish, tomatoes, cucumber) with cilantro lime dressing.    Dessert – Biscochitos.

Menu 3:
BBQ chicken with corn on the cob and baked beans, BBQ brisket with broccoli and macaroni and cheese. Vegetarians – BBQ jack fruit with sweet potatoes and corn on the cob, with a tossed salad. 
Salad – Coleslaw.  Dessert – Apple Pie.

Menu 4:
Chicken breasts with capers in a lemon wine sauce with couscous and grilled veggies, fish in a lemon wine sauce with brown rice pilaf and roasted potatoes with feta. Vegetarian – spanakopita with hummus and tabbouleh.  Salad – Chopped Greek Salad with Feta, Olives and Cucumbers & Greek Dressing
Dessert – Baklava and Cookies

Menu 5:
Meat lasagna with grilled veggies, chicken Pasta Alfredo with veggies, Vegetarian lasagna with grilled veggies.  Salad – Caesar
Dessert – Cookies.

Menu 6:
Red chile beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans and calabacitas, green chile chicken enchiladas, calabacitas enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans
Salad – Tossed romaine salad. Dessert – Red chile brownies.




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